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Our offerings include comprehensive data analysis, monitoring, trend identification, pattern discovery, and custom report creation. We integrate your software with our headless database for seamless data flow. Operating all software and microservices on 100% green hydrogen and geothermal-powered servers, we significantly reduce your technical carbon footprint.

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Neurotic changed the way I manage my data. It's what every database should be!

Stijn Huiskes
Stijn Huiskes Founder of In7dagen

What Do We Offer?

Unlock the full potential of your data with our data analysis services. Transform data into actionable insights and identify key metrics and trends that drive success.

Data Analysis

Transform data into actionable insights, helping you make informed decisions by identifying key metrics and trends.

Data Monitoring

Ensure data integrity and performance through continuous oversight, ensuring your project runs smoothl and efficient.

Trend Identification

Discover emerging trends in your data, allowing you to adapt and innovate to reach a larger audience.

Pattern Discovery

Uncover patterns within your data that can lead to innovative solutions and strategic advantages.

Custom Reports

Receive reports tailored to your specific needs and goals, presenting data in a clear, actionable format.

Automated Data Flow

Seamlessly integrate with existing software, automating data processes to improve efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Microservices

Utilize custom microservices running on hydrogen and geothermal-powered servers, providing sustainable solutions.

Headless Database

Enhance your data management with our powerful and user-friendly headless database - achieve maximum efficiency!

API Integration

Instantly connect and manage data with our straightforward API. Simplify complex operations like real-time sync and direct manipulation with ease.

api integration


Trigger actions and send notifications automatically with our real-time webhooks. Automate your workflow efficiently and effortlessly.


File Storage

Store and distribute content at lightning speed. Our file storage and CDN solutions ensure rapid, global access to your data.

file storage

Data Validation

Ensure data integrity on-the-fly. Our adaptable database models offer real-time validation, keeping your data accurate and reliable.

data validation

Real-Time Monitoring

Track API and CDN performance with real-time analytics. Our monitoring tools offer deep insights for optimizing your operations.


Regular Backups

Protect your data with frequent, automatic backups. Every 4 hours, we safeguard your information, ensuring it's always secure and recoverable.

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Why Choose Neurotic?

Learn why Neurotic is trusted by a diverse range of users and projects.

S Stijn van Dijk

Using Neurotic has been a transformative experience for our development team. The headless database setup is brilliantly simple yet powerfully effective, enabling us to handle complex data operations with unprecedented ease. The real-time validation feature ensures our data integrity is never compromised.

E Einar Þorvaldsson

Neurotic's seamless API integration has drastically reduced our development time. We now manage data across various applications without the hassle of dealing with cumbersome integrations. Their real-time webhooks have automated much of our workflow, making the system incredibly efficient.

L Lotte Janssen

Since integrating Neurotic, the scalability of our tech stack has dramatically improved. Its regular, automated backups every four hours give us peace of mind knowing our data is secure and recoverable. This level of reliability is essential for maintaining our operations smoothly.

H Harper Wilson

The file storage service provided by Neurotic is top-notch. We can store and distribute content globally at lightning speed, thanks to their robust CDN solutions. It’s remarkable how easy and fast it is to access our data from anywhere in the world.

B Brynja Árnadóttir

Neurotic's real-time monitoring tools have given us deep insights into our API and CDN performance. This has been invaluable for optimizing our operations and ensuring we provide the best possible service to our users. The detailed analytics help us make data-driven decisions efficiently.

P Pieter de Vries

Transitioning to Neurotic was the best upgrade we've made this year. The platform’s user-friendly nature and powerful backend capabilities have enabled us to focus more on innovation and less on operational logistics. It's truly a developer’s dream.

F Freya Sigurðardóttir

Neurotic’s philosophy of simplicity and efficiency in data management really shines through in their service. Their straightforward yet powerful approach has allowed us to enhance our applications significantly without increasing complexity.

O Oliver Chapman

Choosing Neuroic has allowed us to scale our operations without worrying about the growing pains typically associated with expanding database needs. The ease with which we can scale our usage and the transparent pricing model make Neurotic a perfect fit for our business.

O Sigrún Jónsdóttir

Every once in a while, a tool like Neurotic comes along and changes the game. It simplifies the entire data management process, from API integration to real-time monitoring, and makes every other tool look outdated. It’s not just a tool; it's a strategic advantage.

Pricing for Every Scale

Choose from our straightforward pricing plans designed to fit your needs.
No hidden fees, just clear value.


€5 per month
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1 user
150 MB of storage
25,000 CDN requests
10,000 API requests
5 GB of bandwidth


€15 per user / month
Buy now
Up to 50 users
100 GB of storage
1,000,000 CDN requests
250,000 API requests
100 GB of bandwidth
5,000 emails


Custom Pricing
Custom # users
Custom # storage
Custom # CDN requests
Custom # API requests
Custom # bandwidth
Custom # emails

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

What is a headless database?

A headless database is a backend service that operates without a traditional front-end interface, facilitating data management and interactions exclusively through API calls. This architecture enhances flexibility and scalability for developers.

How user-friendly is Neurotic's headless database?

Neurotic is designed with simplicity in mind, offering an intuitive API that makes it easily accessible for developers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced users.

Can Neurotic handle the scalability demands of my project?

Absolutely. Neurotic's infrastructure is engineered to support scalability, ensuring that your database can grow alongside your project, from startup to enterprise level.

What makes Neurotic's pricing model stand out?

Our transparent, flat-rate pricing model is designed to accommodate a wide range of budgets without any hidden fees, offering cost-effective solutions for individuals and businesses alike.

What measures does Neurotic take to ensure data security?

Security is paramount at Neurotic. We employ state-of-the-art security measures, including advanced encryption and regular backups, to protect your data at all times.

Why should I choose Neurotic over other database solutions?

Neurotic differentiates itself by offering a blend of simplicity, power, and flexibility, backed by exceptional customer support and a user-friendly platform that accelerates development cycles.

How can I track and optimize my data management with Neurotic?

Our platform provides comprehensive analytics and logging capabilities, enabling you to monitor your data usage and optimize your database's performance effectively.

What kind of support can I expect from Neurotic?

Neurotic offers extensive support options, including documentation, community forums, and direct access to our expert support team, ensuring you get the help you need when you need it.

How do I access and utilize Neurotic's advanced features?

Getting started with our advanced features is straightforward. Simply register for an account, and our onboarding guide will walk you through everything you need to know to maximize your use of Neurotic.